How to get more sleep -- while still using electronics?

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Does anyone get enough sleep? I sure as hell don't, but it's easy to do, and my life hasn't suffered much.

This journey actually started when I started to notice that no matter what I did, I was not losing weight or gaining muscle, no matter how hard I exercised. I overlooked the amount of sleep I was getting – I would stay up until 2AM, and get up for work at 6:30AM, mostly due to my addiction to electronics. Thankfully, I found a way to get my fix but still get more sleep.

There are half a dozen ways I know how get to sleep quick:

  • Take Benadryl (diphenhydramine). Fuck that. Anyone who has taken Benadryl knows exactly what I’m talking about.
  • Use some form of a substance (marijuana, alcohol, etc.)
  • Physically exhaust yourself.
  • Reduce your light intake.
  • Increase your melatonin levels.
  • If you have bedbugs, fucking get rid of them already.

Let’s talk light – it’s pretty hard to avoid in this day in age. If you reduce your light intake an hour or two before bedtime, you’ll trick your brain into thinking the sun is setting. That means turning off your electronics, and not putting the phone next to the bedstand, right? What the fuck are you going to do for the next two hours?!

Not necessarily, there is a path out, you filthy addict. Blue light is what affects your circadian rhythym the most, not all light. For example, a lot of fluorescent lighting in the workplace has a heavy amount of blue light. That’s probably done on purpose so you’ll work harder. Also, LCD displays put out a metric fuckton of blue light. They are practically evolved to spew out blue light, since everyone wants a brighter phone display to use in the sun.

We can reduce the amount of blue light emanated by your smartphone and your computer. Each individual pixel is assigned a RGB (red, green, blue) value corresponding to what needs to be displayed to the user. There are programs which apply a filter (like sunglasses) to reduce the blue (B) in RGB.

  • For Windows, you can use f.lux. This works pretty well in games. It’s free.
  • For Android, I use Night Shift. It’s free.
  • For Mac and iPhone users, you can fuck right off look in the app store.

The great part about these programs is that you can set a schedule with them. I have mine set to be minimal blue light after 7:30PM on my phone. With f.lux, it will automatically schedule it corresponding to the sunset at a zipcode you provide. Cool shit.

We can also mess with our circadian rhythm by using melatonin supplements. No, it won’t make you darker – melatonin and melanin are completely different things. After all, black people have the same sleep problems as white people.

There is a wide range of quality for melatonin. You can even inherit some diseases if you take the wrong brand if they extract it from animals. However, there are brands which have synthetic melatonin. It’s also kinda important to use a small amount of melatonin when you start, because you can build up a tolerance quickly. Furthermore, I have personally experienced headaches when I wake up if I use way too much melatonin. I weigh around 230lbs (~100kg?) and I take around 1.5mg 3 times a week, and I started by taking 1mg.

I highly recommend taking melatonin – there are even people who consider it a “smart drug.” Makes sense, people who sleep a lot usually live longer and are smarter.

I purchased melatonin from Puritan’s Pride on Amazon.