Ashwagandha -- meme or not?

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It's cheap, and I experienced some benefits, but probably not the ones you were expecting.

I’m the kind of guy who’s always on the go. I need to squeeze every single last second out of my day. IMO you’ve got one life, you might as well maximize what you can do with your time here. Unfortunately, this lifestyle is second nature and will probably be the death of me in terms of stress. Hence, I started to look into Ashwagandha in an effort to lower my stress. Does it actually work, or is some asshole in India trying to feed his family with MY $10?

I’ll be completely honest. There’s a lot of conflicting information on ashwagandha. Then again, depending on who you talk to, there’s also conflicting information on creatine monohydrate, probably one of the most proven supplements that exists (needing to load, causing baldness, etc…)

If you look at reviews on ashwagandha, they look like reviews for fuckin’ Prozac. A few people seem to have bad experiences with it, but most people seem to be fine with it. Thankfully, it settled fine with me – it’s been a week and I haven’t wanted to kill myself, which is pretty normal.

There’s a lot of claims out there for ashwagandha. I would say that in my personal experience, most of them I cannot verify (such as cholesterol), or I don’t really pay enough attention to. But here are the four main things I noticed:

  • Blood Flow (most prevalent)
  • Mental Recall (noticeable)
  • Lower Stress (noticeable)
  • Desire to listen to chiller music (yes, seriously)

It did lower stress, but it didn’t do anything to anxiety (that is, the kind everyone experiences.) There’s a really acute difference between the two – you have less stress – but the same amount of worries, and the same amount of racing thoughts. If I had to guess, that’s because it also increases your mental recall. Honestly, is it possible to get “smarter” without getting more anxiety? Probably not. Anyway, this more or less made me realize I want something to reduce anxiety, not stress. For anxiety, I would not really recommend this, but then again there probably isn’t much better alternatives without consulting a pyschiatrist.

It really helps my mental recall, but only with events that have occurred since I started taking the supplement (which makes sense – it probably so more helps build memories than recall memories). It’s currently being used in Alzheimers and dementia research. If you have a serious problem with being forgetful (it runs in my family,) then I’d recommend this.

It defintely increased my blood flow; since I started taking it, my wrist veins are more noticable, my chest is a bit more puffed and I have a more correct posture. I would argue this is going to be the sole reason I’m adding it to my supplement stack.

It really increased my desire to listen to chill music. You know when you get that tingle down your spine when you listen to some good ass music? It increased the frequency of that a significant amount. But it’s certainly no pot. It also made me want to listen to chill music when I workout, which is kinda cool, because I started to run out of heavy things to listen to.

It does taste weird. Imagine a really, really weak, shitty coffee. That’s what it tastes like. I have begun to put the entire dose in my mouth with water, then I immediately follow it up with more water. It’s not enough to put me off of it. I do not taste it if I mix it with preworkout.

I purchased the ashwagandha I mentioned from Bulk Supplements at Amazon.